Requirements & Rules for LOD

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Requirements & Rules for LOD

Post by Moorxy on 11/1/2017, 14:44

The post may be edited so check it often.

10 minutes before dh appears should everyone that's planing to do that LOD be in LOD and at this time everyone for gk should go to gk area.

1. There can be no more than 9 players in each type of LOD.
Recommended Max: 6 for Reb, 9 for Reb and Bridge, 6 for Gk, 9 for Full map (fm).

1.1. GK and Full map LOD requires level 80+

1.2. The lurer receives all the resistance that drops from the mobs he/she lured.

1.3. Lurer must receive 3 "Strong HP Recovery Potion" from everyone doing that gk/fm LOD.
1.3.1. Refusing to give 3 "Strong HP Recovery Potion" can lead to spot being taken.

2. All the FoS bottles (Fountain of Saviour) will be collected by
         keepers, deputies, head, FoS keeper or leader of LOD.

2.1. Members responsability to check that he/she got FoS before DH, and ask for it if needed.

2.3. Any keeper who loots FoS, but does not supply FoS to members will lose their title.

3. Any member who loots FoS, but refuse to give it back to a FOS-keeper, will risk a warning.

3.1. In case a member loots a FoS, but the FoS-keepers have no problem with that, there will be no penalty.

4. If there is someone using 2 chars in GK or Full Map, they must leave LoD with 1 char if someone else wants to LoD and got no chars in already. (and stays whole LoD)

If any rules above are broken it will result in a warning
where 3 warnings is a kick

If there are any rules you feel are missing, please tell.

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